When the tea gets cold


A young Woman prepares a cup of tea, and irons hijabs.
She is looking for freedom, for her personal revolution.
A short film dedicated to all the Women who had no choice.

In ‘When the tea gets cold’, we assist to the (personal) Revolution of a young Woman.
We see her driving, ironing hijabs, and preparing a cup of tea.
At certain point during her routine, something happens in the mind of the young woman. We do not know what. She stops to iron, and runs to a forest. Here, she performs her personal revolution.
However, once she comes back home, a hijab is still lying on a chair, and the tea got cold.
Now the questions is: «assuming that the Revolution successfully occurs, will people be really free?».

This work is a hymn to the freedom of choice of all the women of whatever religion and nationality.

Jin, Jîyan, Azadî
Woman, Life, Freedom

Director’s statement