Feel 01


70cm x 70cm, acrylic on canvas

Nora was inspired by the women painted by the Norwegian artist Astri Welhaven Heiberg (1881-1967).

Nora impersonates Melancholy.

When she feels alone, she goes to the beach and seats on a rock.

Here she thinks about her past, her present and her future.

As every human, Nora sometimes has that irrational fear of not being able to meet expectations of people.

But here, on this rock, by looking at the infinite number of sea waves Nora is able to gain her confidence again.

Nora is a beautiful creature, as every human.

The work has been painted in Tjøme, an island in Færder, Norway.

Tønsberg, Norway, 2021

Feel 01 – Nora– Detail 1
Feel 01 – Nora – Detail 2
Feel 01 – Nora – Detail 3