Marconi Day

Mixed media installation at Golfo Aranci, Italy, 11-12 August, 2020 .

On 11 August 1932, the italian inventor Guglielmo Marconi established a shortwave radio link between Capo Figari (Golfo Aranci) and Rocca del Papa (Rome).

88 years later, his experiment has been celebrated on Marconi Day.

On this occasion Arian Nowbahari, Daniel Rizzo, Daniele Carbini and Daniela Cittadini (MAD Art Director) realized an installation composed of 2 pillars, which symbolise two antennas.

The 8 sides of the two pillars (height=240cm)

On one antenna four photographic prints are depicted, one per side.

Each subject holds a different radio-related device such as transistor radio and walkman.

The four pictures have been post-processed by Roberto Graffi and merged in a unique image shown on the remaining pillar.

On the remaning three sides the MAD logo, a painting by Arian Nowbahari and a quote by Marconi are shown.

The quote, originally in italian, is reported here below:

The so-called science, I am occupied with, is nothing but an expression of the Supreme Will, which aims at bringing people closer to each other in order to help them better understand and improve themselves.

Guglielmo Marconi
Old radio circuit schematic painted by Arian Nowbahari
L to R: Daniel Rizzo, Arian Nowbahari, Daniela Cittadini and Daniele Carbini