Painting-on-Chip (PoC) is an experimental artwork,

realized on a microchip.

Its dimensions are 1mm x 0.5mm.

PoC can only be observed through a microscope.

The “canvas” is a silicon wafer.

The “colors” are different metals.

PoC represents the difficulty to really communicate with ourselves.

The artwork depicts two entities, characterized by disproportionate hands and feet.

The asymmetry symbolizes the challenge of communication.

1mm x 0.5mm, metal on silicon
PoC – Painting-on-Chip – Details

Some people want to improve, but they do not overcome their limits.

Some people refuse to change, but eventually they change.

Some people know what they want, but they do not know how to get it.

Some people hardly know what they want.

In PoC, the entities try to communicate with each other, although they are dissimilar. Eventually, the acoustic waves coming from their mouths constructively interfere.

Communication takes places, and the signal gets stronger.

PoC – Painting-on-Chip – Details

Communicating with others is the key to better communicate with ourselves.

We must communicate, always.

Arian Nowbahari, creator of Painting-on-Chip

PoC is not only an experimental artwork, is a Manifesto.

The artwork has been fabricated through EUROPRACTICE MPW, by using an AMS 0.35µ CMOS process.