Her – 08

Exotic Pleasure

70cm x 50cm, Oil on canvas

“Exotic Pleasure” is a declaration of love.

On the bottom right corner, a phallic device generates ES, which is the symbol of Pleasure. The upper lips of ES resembles the lower ones. She is not a symbol of pleasure. She is the Pleasure.

On the bottom left corner, geometrical entities define the rhythm of the painting. Pleasure is rhythmic. Pulses.

The entire canvas is dominated by an avocado-shaped body. Aluminum is used to give accent to the lips.

 Black brushstrokes wrap the ‘fruit’.

Overall, “Exotic Pleasure” aims to transmit the emotion related to the union of bodies.

Turin, Italy, 2018

Her 08 – Exotic Pleasure – Detail 1
Her 08 – Exotic Pleasure – Detail 2